Remembrance Sunday in Suffolk

Did they know, 100 years ago, how many would come?

Remembrance Sunday, Aldeburgh

While I didn’t count heads at Aldeburgh cenotaph, I noticed the variety of individuals come to pay respect.

Elderly veterans, chests heaving with medals and emotion.

Britten buffs (it’s next door to Snape).

Local dignitaries, the vicar and the obligatory Laurence Binyon.

Children. Dogs (pride of place to Aldeburgh’s First Pooch Snooks).


Hell’s Angels too.

Hell's Angels

3 Regiment Army Air Corps, based at Wattisham. They weren’t all on parade that day.

not all on parade

An Apache flew past, doing the length of coastal Suffolk.

Apache helicopter

The crowd finally shuffled away, to warm houses and hot dinners.

We owe.


 Moot Hall

PS If ever you’re in Aldeburgh, see Moot Hall. It’s been here since 1520 and is set to be around a few more years.

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