Writer Wednesday: Interview With Dr. Carol Cooper

Thanks for asking me such good questions, Amira.

The Z-Axis

Carol Cooper Meet Carol Cooper, doctor, journalist, and most recently, novelist. Her debut novel One Night at the Jacaranda is about dating but has darker undercurrents. Carol has also authored a string of non-fiction titles on health and parenting. She works as a family doctor in London and is a journalist for The Sun, the biggest-selling newspaper in the United Kingdom. I asked Carol to tell us about how her medical experience informs her writing, and the writers who inspire her to constantly improve. 

Dr. Cooper, you’re a novelist with a unique perspective on writing from your years in the medical profession. You’ve got quite a backlist of non-fiction titles based on your expertise as a doctor. I find it fascinating that your first book of fiction, One Night At The Jacaranda is contemporary, educated romance. Where’s the cross-over there: what parts of your career inspired you to pursue lit-fic romance? Or did it work the…

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